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Tang Lab Assistant

Northeastern University, Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA, USA

Job Type

Part Time (10-20hrs/wk)



About the Role

There is flexibility in the detail of the project since there are several options for the project. For example, one project we are interested in is the coalescence dynamics of water droplet in an oil bath with a water pool. Many previous studies have been focused on the droplet impact dynamics in air, however, oil bath leads to challenges due to its high viscosity. We will develop high-speed interferometry to study the drainage process of the oil layer during coalescence and identify parameters and controlling physics to enhance or suppress the coalescence. The understanding will provide guidance to oil recovery and oil-water separation applications. The student will lead the project by designing and carrying out the experimentation, data collection and analysis, and presentation of the results.
The common skill sets that will be developed across different projects include advanced imaging techniques such as high-speed imaging, interferometry, or fluorescent microscopy; image analysis and data processing; experimental setup and manipulation; critical thinking and formulating good research questions; scientific communication. Publication in peer-reviewed journals is the end goal but needs long-term commitment. The expected time commitment per week is 10 - 20 hours.


The Tang Lab is currently seeking undergraduate students with strong hands-on skills to contribute to the development of experimental setups. Ideal candidates should possess knowledge in imaging and optics, image processing, data analysis, and critical thinking skills. Proficiency in one or more of these areas is expected, along with the ability to learn quickly. Effective communication skills and perseverance in problem-solving are valuable assets. The Tang Lab places emphasis on curiosity and a strong passion for research as qualities of an ideal candidate.

About the Company

The Tang Lab utilizes advanced imaging techniques to investigate the underlying physics of multiphase flow problems, offering insights for 3D printing, oil recovery, and biomedical applications. The research focuses specifically on droplet impact dynamics, droplet evaporation, fingering instability, and particle manipulation in microfluidics. To learn more about this lab, please contact Professor Tang at 2 openings are currently available at this lab.

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