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Summit 2022 Recap

Welcome to the second annual Women's Research Engagement Network Summit. This event is the first interdisciplinary research conference in the nation specifically focused on highlighting the achievements of undergraduate women. Our attendees join us for a day of events focused on female empowerment, women in academia, and celebrating the achievements of women at Northeastern.

Event Recap

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Adrianna Crossing

Adrianna E. Crossing, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Applied Psychology and Health Sciences at Northeastern University’s Bouvé College of Health Sciences. They received their PhD in School Psychology from Michigan State University in 2022.

Since 2018, they have worked in the interdisciplinary space of health service psychology, social justice, and anti-racism. Their research spans trauma-informed assessment and intervention, critical theory applications in psychological research design and dissemination, and racial and cultural socialization processes in families.

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Student Organization Workshops


Northeastern EconPress presented on writing research papers for publication, discussing methods to strengthen both the content and presentation of your research so that it meets quality standards for publication.

Women in Business presented on exploring and defining career goals, discussing how to identify your goals, deciding on your path, and beginning the first steps to achieving those goals starting today.

NU Women in Tech presented on the foundational topics of Data Science, various useful languages, and the applicability of DS/computer science skills in various research fields!

Poster Session with Scholars


Meet our amazing student researchers, part of the WREN Scholars, and learn about their current research!


  • Brinly Meelia: Fighting the Opioid Crisis Stigma Through Rehab Industrial Complex Mapping

  • Abigail Thress: Fluorescence and Luminescence-Based Imunoassays for the Analysis of Pre-Existing Anti-Drug Antibodies

  • Elisabeth Leung: Synopsis of Non-Invasive Genotyping Methods with Associated Mortality for Juvenile Eastern Oysters

  • Vedanshi Shah: Wordle Visualization

  • Janani C. Elumalai: Effects of Δ9-THC on Dopamine Levels in Nucleus Accumbens Shell

  • Ivy Cao: Investigating The Role of Phage Mediated Horizontal Gene Transfer In Increasing Bacterial Virulence

  • Hannah Aguirre: Mitochondrial NAD Compartmentalization & Regulation by MCART1

  • Kaitlyn Ramesh: Inferring gene expression dynamics from low temporal resolution single-cell gene expression data 

  • Maggie Clark: Assessing Food Insecurity in Boston


Featured Scholar Talks

Featured Scholars:

    • Room 1: 

      • Hannah Aguirre

      • Kaitlyn Ramesh

      • Ivy Cao

  • Room 2:

    • Brinly Meelia

    • Elisabeth Leung

  • Room 3: 

    • Vedanshi Shah

    • Janani Chandran Elumalai

Photo Gallery

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