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Summit 2023 Recap

Welcome to the third annual Women's Research Engagement Network Summit. This event is the first interdisciplinary research conference in the nation specifically focused on highlighting the achievements of undergraduate women. Our attendees join us for a day of events focused on female empowerment, women in academia, and celebrating the achievements of women at Northeastern.

Event Recap

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Laney Strange

Dr. Laney Strange (she/her) is a Teaching Professor and Director of Broadening Participation at Northeastern University.  Inside and outside the classroom, she works on making computer science inclusive and welcoming for students who have been historically marginalized in our field. Laney strongly believes that computer science is for everyone, and a typical Saturday morning will find her teaching Women’s Community of Code programming workshops that empower girls and women to try out coding in a fun, supportive environment.


Student Organization Workshops

Northeastern United against Inequities in Disease (NUAID) led a workshop on Public Health in Research discussing reducing health inequities in the community.


The Society of Women Engineers held a workshop about being a female in a male-dominated field.

Poster Session with Scholars

Meet our amazing student researchers, part of the WREN Scholars, and learn about their current research!


  • Dhwani Bhatt: Investigating the Biochemical Methane Potential of an Organic Waste Substrate for a Clean Energy Biogas Project in Rural Uganda

  • Alana Caluwe: State Website Communication about Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances: A 2023 Update

  • Lee Smith: Remediating Agricultural Runoff via a Green & Reusable Catalytic System

  • Ivy Cao: Active Sampling of Visual Information Across the Cardiac and Respiratory Cycles

  • Janani C. Elumalai: Cannabinoid CB1 Agonist Effects on Extracellular Levels of Dopamine in the Nucleus Accumbens Shell and on Conditioned Place Preference of Male Mice

  • Dawning Fu: High Throughput Glycan-Proximal Sensitivity Signature Prediction Computational Pipeline for HIV-1 Immunogen Design

  • Ashley Hart: Health Effects of Household Air Pollution for Women and Children in Kenya: A Cross-Sectional Field-Based Study

  • Trissha Sivalingam: An Analyis and Demonstration of the National Water Model's Applicability to Community Resilience Planning

IMG_8627 2.HEIC

Featured Scholar Talks


Featured Scholars:

    • Room 1: 

      • Dhwani Bhatt

      • Alana Caluwe

  • Room 2:

    • Omotounyosi Olorungbemi

    • Lee Smith

  • Room 3: 

    • Ivy Cao

    • Dawson Fu

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